Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

According to the American Optometric Association, eye strain from computer work affects more than 70 percent of the approximately 143 million Americans who work on a computer daily. Computer Vision Syndrome is a temporary condition caused by working and focusing on a computer monitor for long uninterrupted periods of time. When working on the computer, our blink rate decreases dramatically leading to dry eyes and our focusing ability has to be sustained for prolonged periods of time leading to eyestrain.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Losing focus while working on the computer
  • Headaches After or During Use
  • Blurred Vision
  • Eye Strain and Fatigue
  • Double Vision
  • Burning and Irritated Eyes
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain


Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome

Our doctors specialize in helping patients with computer vision issues. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are having any of these issues. Your doctor will test you and may prescribe computer glasses to help. Computer glasses are very effective in helping reduce eyestrain and fatigue. The doctor will measure and calculate the proper prescription for you. Additionally, the use of artificial tears may be recommended to help alleviate any dry eye symptoms caused by computer use as well. For some patients, the use of multi-vision contact lenses may allow be an option.

Call our office at 765-348-2020 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors if you are having any vision problems when using your computer.