Our Comprehensive Visual Assessment and
11 Point Eye Health Examination

Our practice has provided the highest quality eye care for over 105 years to those in Indiana. Our doctors perform a Comprehensive Vision Assessment and 11 Point Eye Health Evaluation which will help diagnose and treat any visual or ocular health issues that you may have.

Comprehensive Visual Assessment:

• Review of current visual problems and history of previous eye problems and treatments
• Review of vocational and lifestyle visual needs.
• Visual acuities distance and at near.
• Computerized measurements of current eyewear.
• Assessment of the focusing system of the eyes.
• Visual field screening with computerized visual fields when indicated.
• Stereopsis tests of depth perception.
• Color vision testing and analysis of defects.
• Binocular vision assessment for imbalances that may cause double vision or eyestrain.
• Computerized keratometry measurements of the cornea to measure curvature and astigmatism.
• Computerized infrared auto refractor scans of the optical systems of both eyes.
• Refraction of each eye’s optics for far and near vision and then testing of both eyes together.
• The doctor then analyzes the findings and determines the required visual treatments which may include eyewear, contact lenses, low vision therapy and other treatments to maximize visual performance.
• The doctor discusses the visual problems and recommends specific treatments with emphasis on visual performance, cosmetics and eye protection.

11 Point Eye Health Evaluation:

• Review of eye heath, medical, family history and previous eye health care.
• Review of general medications, eye medications and ocular nutrition.
• Neurological examination of the pupil reflexes, eye movements and eye muscles.
• Corneal evaluation with topography, if indicated, to test for corneal dystrophies and keratoconus.
• Examination of the external eye for allergy, infection, eyelid disorders and skin cancer.
• Microscopic examination of the tear film, cornea and conjunctiva for eye allergy, dry eye, ocular cancer, infections and foreign bodies.
• Eye pressure test for glaucoma.
• Microscopic examination of the human lens for cataract and other abnormalities.
• Dilated examination of the central retina with microscopic examination of the macula and evaluation of the optic nerve for atrophy, glaucoma and other abnormalities.
• Examination of the peripheral retina and vitreous with our ocular microscope and binocular indirect ophthalmoscope.
• The doctor then discusses the eye health findings and recommends the appropriate medical treatments or procedures with emphasis on early treatment and prevention.

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