Eye Emergencies

Our doctors routinely see eye emergencies throughout each day. We have special appointments in our schedules everyday to see patients who have an emergency. Common emergencies that we see are listed below.

Call our office at 765-348-2020 if you have any of the following:

1. Sudden vision loss in one or both eyes.

2. Flashes of light in vision that last more than a few seconds.

3. New floaters in vision.

4. Red, swollen or painful eye.

5. Chemical splash into the eye.

6. Metal, wood or other foreign body in the eye.

7. Traumatic injury to the eye by sports, motor vehicle or other accidents.

8. Sudden pain and redness of the eye accompanied by nauseousness.

After Hours Care

Our doctors provide after hours emergency care for patients. Please call the office at 765-348-2020 and you will be given our doctor's after hours contact numbers. If you are unable to contact our doctors, please go to the nearest emergency room for care.