Published Books and Book Chapters 

Windsor, L., Windsor, R. Eye Care Sourcebook. “Understanding Nystagmus” Ch. 51: Pgs 436-440. “Vision Problems from Stroke or Head Injury” Ch 56: Pgs. 477-480. “Albinism and Its Effect on Vision” Ch 57: Pgs 482-486. Detroit: Omnigraphics, Inc, 2008.

 Windsor, L., Windsor, R. Optometric Cost Control: New Approaches to Re-Engineering the Optometric Practice, 333Pages. OD Think Tank: Hartford City, 2005.


Published Papers and Articles

Dr. Richard and Laura Windsor have co-authored 16 articles on low vision rehabilitation. They have written for rehabilitation journals for occupational therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals. Additionally, Dr. Laura has written for the WISH TV8 Indianapolis website and co-authored articles on many low vision conditions for Vision Enhancement Magazine which was distributed to low vision therapists, counselors and patients throughout the country.

Publications for Rehabilitation Professionals

Windsor L., Windsor, R. “Low Vision Care of the Diabetic Patient”, Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation, March, 2004

Windsor, R., Windsor, L. “Low Vision Rehabilitation: An Introduction”, Rehab Pro Journal, May 2001

Articles for American Optometric Association & Affiliates

Windsor, R., Windsor, L. “Weave Your Web: Using the Internet to Market Your Practice” AOA News, November 16, 1998 .  (Won a 1999 Gold Medal)

Windsor, L.  “Optometric Web Site.“American Optometric Student Association Foresight, Fall 1998.


Articles for Television Websites

Windsor, L. “Age Related Macular Degeneration”, WISH TV 8 website, 2003.


Articles for Vision Enhancement Magazine

Windsor, L.  “NEI Study Shows High Dose Vitamin Supplements Beneficial in Reducing Age Related Macular Degeneration”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor , L., Windsor , R. “Understanding Achromatopsia”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Understanding Stargardt's Disease (Juvenile Macular Degeneration)”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Understanding Vision Loss from Pathological Myopia”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Common Vision Problems from Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Understanding the Visual Problems of Retinitis Pigmentosa”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Common Visual Problems of Ocular Histoplasmosis”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Albinism: Low Vision Considerations”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Vision Loss in Diabetes”, Vision Enhancement

 Windsor, R., Windsor, L.  “Many Visual Problems of Macular Degeneration”, Vision Enhancement

Windsor, R., Windsor, L. “Understanding Nystagmus” Vision Enhancement

Clinical Movies and Segments

Windsor, L. Windsor, R. Macular Degeneration: The Path to Understanding and Overcoming. 72 minutes. April 2007.

Drs. Laura and Richard Windsor have co-produced and narrated movies on low vision rehabilitation subjects including macular degeneration, achromatopsia, bioptic driving and the EyeFine low vision system. Over 5,000 copies of the 72 minute movie Macular Degeneration:  The Path to Understanding and Overcoming on DVD has been distributed throughout the state and nationwide to optometrists, ophthalmologists, vision rehab professionals, patients and caregivers.

Windsor, R., Windsor, L, Bioptic Driving: An Introduction. 8 minutes. November, 2002

Windsor, R. and Windsor, L., Red Central Contact Lenses for Achromatopsia. 10 minutes. January 2004

Windsor, R., Windsor, L. EyeFine: A New Form of Auto Focus Low Vision Aid. 15 minutes. February 2004