Electronic Medical Records

The Eye Associates Group practice has been using electronic medical records for over 6 years. Our practice uses the Compulink Eyecare Advantage software which was the first certified ophthalmic medical records program in the country. Electronic medical records allow all of our offices to be interconnected with each other and improves our efficiency in providing eyecare and managing the vision and eye health of our patients.

Electronic medical records means no misplaced charts and a faster response to medication refills and patient questions and requests. Doctors have access to your medical record 24 hours a day if emergencies occur. It also means that your insurance claims are  billed in a timely manner , orders are placed quickly and your overall experience with our practice and doctors is a good one.

Our doctors have specially trained chairside assistants in the examination rooms with them to document the examination into the electronic medical record. This allows the doctor to have direct face to face time with the patient instead of having their back to them typing into their record. Our doctors and patients feel that this greatly improves the quality of care they provide to their patients.

E-Prescribing of Medications

Our doctors have been using e-prescribing of medications for over a year now. E-prescribing is where prescriptions are directly sent to the pharmacy through a secure Interent connection. E-prescribing is beneficial because it reduces prescription errors due to the pharmacist being unable to read the prescription and reduces patient wait time at the pharmacy.