Our doctors enjoy working with patients of all ages from infants to seniors. We strive to make your child's examination a good experience for you and your child. Our doctors and staff provide a caring and compassionate environment when dealing with children of all ages. Early detection and treatment is crucial in your child's visual and educational well being.

Our doctors are able to examine infants and toddlers with the use of specialized handheld instruments which allow for an accurate assessment of your child's vision and ocular health status. Examination of preschoolers and school age children is imperative to guarantee your child's success in school even if they have no visual complaints. Our doctors are even able to evaluate those with special needs and even very uncooperative children using specialized equipment.

Each and every child should have their eyes examined at least once by their third birthday and then annually after that. Children grow very quickly and their eyes can change just as fast. All children should have their eyes examined every year until they are 18 years old.

Remember that many children will not tell you they are having problems seeing. If your child has any of the following symptoms at anytime you should have their eyes checked immediately:

  • Crossing in or drifting out of one or both eyes.
  • Shaking, jiggling or roving of the eyes.
  • Squinting to see objects.
  • Complaining of headaches, especially in the late afternoon or coming home from school with a headache.
  • Abnormal head tilting.
  • Holding reading materials or objects very close or getting very close to objects to see them.

If your child has any fears about the examination or has any special needs, please let us know in advance.